Sepema IV ultrasound system

 The Sepema IV system by Sonaxis is the result of a 3 years development in the framework of the Locomachs European project, and the successor of the Expert device, whose analog qualities were very appreciated in the aerospace industry.

It represents the latest generation of ultrasound control devices and is dedicated to exciting and acquiring signals from air-coupled, piezo-electric or capacitive probes.

 Available in single channel or multichannel (8 channels), it operates within a wide frequency range from 25 KHz to 20 MHz, offers a 12 bit digitalization at 200 MHz and manages 2 encoder axis in addition with numeric and analog Inputs/Ouputs in the standard configuration.

 Easilty transportable, equipped with a USB 2.0 interface which can migrate to USB 3.0 if needed, and with a powerful dedicated programmable logic (FPGA this device is Windows-compatible 7 and 8 and can be upgraded to other Operating Systems.