Sepema IV ultrasound system

 The Sepema IV system is the result of a 6 years development initiated in the framework of the Locomachs European project which was dedicated to aerospace composite inspection.

 It aims at driving air-coupled and low frequency transducers and it is powered with a 400 volts, tuneable squared burst pulser.

 Available in single channel or multichannel (4 up to 6 channels). It operates within a wide frequency range from 25 KHz to 10 MHz, offers a 12 bit digitalization at 200 MHz and manages 2 encoder axis in addition with numeric and analog Inputs/Ouputs in the standard configuration.

 Equipped with a USB 2.0 interface which can migrate to USB 3.0 if needed, and with a powerful dedicated programmable logic (FPGA this device is Windows-compatible 7 and 8 and can be upgraded to other Operating Systems. 

 Sepema IV is CE approved.