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Who are we ?

    Name : Sonaxis

    Birth : 2002

    Place : Besançon, the French capital of microtechniques

   Activities : Production and distribution of custom-made piezo-composite ultrasound probes

   Sectors : aeronautics, aerospace, car, steel, oil, nuclear and energy industries.

Our certifications

Quality management : ISO 9001:2015

Environmental management : ISO 14001:2015


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We've been giving matter eyes for 20 years now


1st Prize INNODERM 2021
 Sonaxis was one of the partners in a project that won the European Commission's 1st Innoderm innovation prize in 2021


 We would like to thank the Grand Besançon and the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region for their support in building our new premises in 2020